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Lead Molds and Molding Materials for Fishing Lures

Molds for making lead lures. Do-It Molds, Do-It jig molds, Do-It sinker molds, spinner bait molds, buzz bait molds, Do-It Mold Inserts, lead melting pots,

List of Mold Makers - Updated - Cast Bullet Assoc

He offers custom hollow point conversions of one or multiple cavities of Lyman, Ideal, RCBS, Saeco and other steel, brass, cast iron or aluminum bullet molds. LBT (Lead Bullet Technology) www.lbtmolds.com / 208-267-3588 For more than 34 years, LBT has been making custom lathe bored molds. Rifle & handgun aluminum molds.

Lead Molding Instructions - Hilts Molds

Warming Your Mold Do not use Acetylene Torch. You must pre-heat your mold and all tools to produce quality parts. This is easiest done by placing the mold over your lead pot. Casting Parts Now close your mold and make some trial parts (without any inserts). Do this 2 or 3 times until your mold produces a good finished part.

ROUND BALL MOLDS - Titan Reloading

ROUND BALL MOLDS. Have tangential cut off which eliminates the objectional nib at the sprue. Double cavity with handles. This opens in a new window. WARNING Melting lead and casting lead objects will expose you and others in the area to lead, which is known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm and cancer.

Mold Maker Job Description - JobHero

Mold makers create and adapt molds used in cast manufacturing. This job involves tasks such as making repairs or adjustments to existing molds, using blueprints to develop new molds, and melting metals to be used in mold making. Mold makers usually work regular business hours and spend much of their time in factories, with long hours spent on.

Fishing Sinker Molds For Making Your Own Sinkers

Size of mold blank. . A-3200-1. 4 5/16" x 3 1/8" x 1" per half. . A-3200-1/2. 4.25" x 3" x 1/2" per half. Many sportsmen make their own sinkers and jigs because they frequently have the need for molds not available. Tool and die shops have capabilities of tooling cavities to the customers satisfaction.

Buckshot Molds| Lee Reloading Kits | Titan Reloading

NEW Lee 18 Cavity Buckshot Molds. New eighteen cavity Buckshot Molds. Precision-machined mold produces 18 linked pellets per cast. No need to individually count pellets simply snip three strands into your 12 gauge shell. Each cast produces enough pellets to load two 12 Gauge shotshells. 18 Cavity Buckshot Bullet Molds from Lee Precision on Vimeo.

Lead Pellet Molds & Casting - An arrangement of airgun making.

Second Approach - 1st Mold. Lathe turning was very time consuming so I made a mold to make the pellets. The grooves in the pellets were not deep enough and the pellets didn't group well. I learned a few things about pouring lead, like heating the mold so that the lead doesn't freeze before the lead pours into the mold.

What Is The Best Material For Making A Lead Mold - Wire Baits.

I have just finished making some blade baits have them EDM wire cut have approx. 70 to 80. Now I need to make a mold to pour the lead. Cant use a do it mold since the blade bait is a lot longer then a typical blade bait. So my question is what is the best material for making a mold so that I can.

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Graphite Ingot Mold with Stir Rod Stick Kit, 1 KG Graphite Crucible Mould and 5-in-1 Casting Lead Iron Ingot Molds with 2Pcs Carbon Stirring Rod for Melting Refining Metal Jewelry Gold Silver Brass. $16.99. $16.

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